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Is Countertop Resurfacing More Affordable Than Replacement?


Color Consistency
There are several individual chemicals that are combined by our technicians on site to create a Unique Stone Finish. Once the final product is mixed precisely, each sub sequential layer is the exact consistency of the layer before it. This process once again creates a through application of identical layers eliminating the possibility of color inconsistency.


Non-Fading Finish
There is no finishing clear coat required with our Unique Stone Finish. The clear protective coat is applied within all six coats. This provides a gloss appearance that goes far deeper than just the final top coat. The effect of this method of layering is a finish that will not dull or fade, keeping its luster for years to come.

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What a difference. Our kitchen when from drab and out dated to vibrant and modern overnight. The staff was friendly and very helpful in assisting us in choosing the right color and finish for our countertops. The installation was quick and the workers left our home clean and tidy. Thank you Unique Stone Resurfacing for bringing our kitchen into the 21st century.


Michael Mauldin

I love my new kitchen counters. They make my kitchen look like it got a facelift. The color is beautiful and the finish is perfect. VERY DURABLE and easy to clean. The workers were so careful to keep the lines clean and the application was flawless!!! I highly recommend!

Carolyn Sparks


The price was right, the timing was great and the service exceeded our expectations, would recommend Unique Stone Resurfacing.

Unique Stone Resurfacing was the ONLY contractor that was willing and able to do a porcelain repair for us. They warranty their work and provided excellent service for a very reasonable price. Thanks again, guys,....we will be calling!


Paul S. Alcon LLC

Steve Downy


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Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is the most important factor to achieve the durability that we at Unique Stone Resurfacing™ are known for. Sanding and gap/crack repairs are included with all countertop resurfacing jobs. In addition, our technicians will also prepare the area by checking for all loose formica. We will then use finishing nails to tighten down all areas that are loose that will later be completely covered by our product. This step is essential to provide you with the best possible end product.


Non-Peeling and Bubbling
Unique Stone Finish offers six coats of product with every countertop refinishing job. This allows for an application process that results in a thicker, more durable and consistent end product. In addition, there is a tremendous increase in strength which protects the surface from peeling and bubbling. Unique Stone Resurfacing™ provides longevity that is unmatched by other products currently offered on the market.
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